Website FAQs


Which allergens are used in the bakery and shops?

We use all allergens in our bakery and shops and cannot guarantee any product is completely allergen-free.

If you have a query about a specific product, either ask a staff member in one of our shops who can print you the allergen information, or contact the bakery on 01707 263 232 and ask for the technical department.

What happens to the food waste from the shops and bakery?

All food waste is returned to the bakery and recycled locally where it is converted into both renewable energy and fertiliser.

What about cardboard and plastic?

All the cardboard and plastic that we use is recycled at a local facility in Hatfield. We are continuously monitoring our recycling efforts in order to minimise the quantity of waste going to landfill.

Do you use palm oil?

We are aware of the environmental impact that palm oil production often has. Where we do use it, we only use responsibly sourced and certified sustainable palm oil.

Do you supply celebration / birthday cakes?

Yes, please visit the online store section of our website for details.

What does Simmons do for charity?

Currently we are fundraising for ‘The Willow Foundation’ by sponsoring and participating in various sporting events, donating cupcakes and through our customer’s generous donations via charity boxes placed in our shops. Last year we raised a total of £11,400 for The Willow Foundation.

Do you supply wholesale customers?

We supply wholesale customers across Hertfordshire with a minimum spend of £500 across a 6 day week. Browse our Food section for a taster of the products we can supply.

Do you make Gluten Free products?

Due to flour being used throughout the bakery we do not make any Gluten Free products.

Store Pickup / Home Delivery Orders

How much notice do I need to give for a Store Pickup / Home Delivery order?

Please see our online store for details

Can I order a product for collection on a Sunday?

Unfortunately, we can only offer collection Monday to Saturday, excluding bank holidays.

Are there any restrictions on what can be included in a message on a Gateau?

Due to the size of the gateaux, your message is limited to 42 characters including spaces. We are only able to write messages in English and reserve the right to cancel an order if we feel the message is offensive.

What time will my order be ready to collect?

All store pickup orders will be ready by 10am on the requested day of delivery.

If I need to cancel my order, how much notice do i need to give?

You can cancel an order up to 2pm the day before delivery. If you requested a personalised message, cancellation must be at least 2 days before delivery.

If I need to amend or cancel my order, who do I contact?

For any issues with orders, please contact our team on 01707 263 232.

How do I need to store my order?

All storage instructions and use by dates are displayed on the label stuck to the packaging containing the product.

What if the products are damaged when I receive them?

Please make sure you check your product when you pick it up from the shop. If you feel the products you receive are below the standard you expect, we will issue a full refund.

Updated: 20th December 2020